Once a room’s end date passes, you can no longer edit that room.

From the Edit Room page, you can also access the Attendees tab.

Some students I speak to weekly, others less often, but at least once a month.

I make sure he has his assignments organized before he traipses off to his own virtual world.

Being able to oversee his schooling is a major benefit of working as a virtual teacher.

They can interact with each other in the discussion board area. Camron plays travel baseball for Gatorball Academy in Gainesville, an hour’s drive away. I pack up my computer, grab my list and cell phone, and out the door we go.

Before I know it, it is time for lunch, and I can step away from my computer to enjoy some quality time with my son: eat a sandwich, go for a walk, or play a video game. For the next few hours, I make good use of my cell phone, calling my students, answering their cries for help, letting parents know how wonderfully well their child is doing.

Note: Attendees (besides the creator) must be added manually.

To add a room: Note: Attendees (besides the creator of the room) must be added manually.

Tabs enable them to move around the site at the click of a button.

The lessons tab is where they learn the content, see examples, and work on practice problems. What I can say, and what my students know, is that together we have the tools and the flexibility to meet whatever challenges the day brings.

However, for this full-time virtual teacher and mother of three, it works. FLVS provides the curriculum, so I don’t have to plan lessons or develop tests and can easily individualize instruction.