Paige considers how great it would be to stick that monster in her mouth. Later on, Jimmy and Spinner asks the Lunch Lady about boners. Plus it doesn't have any Craig or Marco and only a little bit of Ellie, which is a rare gift in season 2.

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Really, Spinner is just cloning himself when he impregnates a girl. You know good old, Charlie Derwin, he's the guy who sells pet fish out of the trunk of his car. Liberty tells Emma this when they are in the bathroom and she starts flossing her teeth for some God damn reason. Emma won because she wasn't a stupid asshole like Liberty.

In English class, the students are having an improv day.

Oh no, Paige's groping is going to unleash the beast within. Click here to see what The-N didn't want you to see.

Every single girl in the room experiences an orgasm by proxy.

Either way, I like the lab coat and the blender outside. Spinner can't get up, though, becauseget this: he has a BONER! Boners are new to Spinner, so he blames his massive erections on eating health food for Emma's science project.

Hey, is that Muslim Girl doing jumping jacks behind Manny? This episode is going to give us so many awesome Spinner quotes.

The next day, Emma is working on her science fair project, which is about how eating health food is good for you. Instead of going to school dances from now on, you're going to have to stay home and look at porn on the net.

Boy, what an original hypothesis, I wonder how it will turn out. Why do you want to mess around with someone who didn't even exist until an episode ago? Oh, Jimmy you got rejected by an annoying Goth girl which no man actual likes. Jimmy wants to drown his sorrows in some grape soda and asks Spinner to join him.

Spinner take a hearty bite out of apple and accidentally squirts semen onto Jimmy's face. Later, Jimmy sees that Ellie has given Spinner her number.

Jimmy is mad, but Spinner calms him down by saying, "Charles Derwin says that man has to spread his seed to survive.

Manny makes some comment about how candy bars make her happy, and someone this send out a jolt of inspiration in Emma. Liberty presents her science project, something about plants or some shit. The judges sure don't; they tell Liberty that her project sucks, she sucks as well, and should jump off a tall building. All the ladies, even Lunch Lady, give Spinner mad props.