We provide Citi Health financing to make our outstanding dental care available to more patients.We use advanced, up-to-date tools and treatments to improve the comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness of our procedures. Wu uses digital imaging technology and digital radiography to plan treatment. Our team members work well together to keep our patients comfortable and informed.These include painting, fishing, baking, going on outings and travelling.

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We are excited that they have just recently received citizenship.

Mel has had many years working in the dental industry.

Our Newmarket dentists bring a special approach to their care of our patients.

But going to the dentist is more than just having a provider whom you can trust.

It’s also about having a support team that you can feel confident in.

Each of our carefully chosen staff members aim to provide you with the attentive care that you deserve.

In her spare time, she enjoys interior designing, working with fashion, playing tennis and going to the beach.

Melanie came to Aevitas Dentistry in 2008, after emigrating with her family from Durban, South Africa.

When she’s not at the practice, Lana, a self-described foodie, enjoys cooking, biking, playing tennis, travelling and studying languages. As a dental assistant who has been in the industry for over 10 years, Melinda enjoys utilising her skills and abilities to help enhance patients’ smiles.

“Working with Dr Yung at Aevitas Dentistry gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

In addition, she completed numerous continuing education courses in infection control, hygiene and first aid.