It’s so hard to say just one, because they’re my brothers! Kevin Connolly, my E, we are such great friends outside of work. I don’t see him much on set, but I know from Twitter that the girls go crazy, crazy for Adrian.

4, she’ll recite dishy, clothes-centered monologues, from the joy of stilettos to the thrill of being a lesbian bride. Long black leather trench coats — it’s so sexy when you can belt it and then take it off and have something all nice underneath.

PHOTOS: EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI It’s a big 180 from the testosterone-fest that is “Entourage,” now in its eighth and final season. So when you wear a red minidress, people just go, “Whoa!

Hanging out with the hottest female TV character in TV history AND having Olivia Munn as a girlfriend?

I think he’s Bro of the Week status for a long, long time.

“[It] is like the biggest, most awesome version of the television show…It’s shot so beautifully.

Doug Ellin really did an amazing job directing this film,” she tells ‘Ocean Drive.’ “It looks so cinematic…things are nice between her [Sloan] and Eric; they’re not together but they’re co-parenting.

It makes you waddle; it makes you walk and carry yourself differently.

And instinctively, I was constantly touching my belly. I was like, ‘Oh yea, this is why pregnant people are always running their belly.’” RELATED: Child Star Haley Joel Osment is All Grown Up in 'Entourage' Movie Trailer For now, the stunner — who’s in a relationship with actor Adrian Bellani — is focused on the upcoming June 3 release of the beloved HBO series, which ran from 2004 to 2011. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) And from the sound of it, fans will not be disappointed.

film, the brunette beauty, 37, opens up about her desire to become a mom.

“My dream has always been to adopt, so I’m sure that I will adopt at some point…whether I have some of my own or not kind of remains to be seen,” she says.

I guess I became aware of it in my teens, and now I just blatantly tell people they aren’t original when they bring it up.