Analysis shows most members are parents aged 35 to 54, university educated, and browse from their own homes.

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Anything that is app- driven will definitely gain traction on the Internet,” said Rajat Wahi, partner, management consulting, at Deloitte India.

Marital uk, one of the largest sites of its kind, has almost 600,000 members.

So far, the online dating industry in India has been dominated by applications (for single individuals) like Tinder, Truly Madly, Woo, Thrill and Happn, according to data from consulting firm KPMG.

About 6 million singles are estimated to be registered on several online dating applications across the country.

Overall, Gleeden has 3.5 million subscribers across the world.

Launched in 2009, the company is based in France and earned -25 million in the year ended March.

There are only 31,200 Indian women subscribers on Gleeden’s website; 90,300 are men.

The company has witnessed the highest traffic in Mumbai, followed by New Delhi and Bengaluru.“Culturally speaking, infidelity is not accepted well in India.

Around seven years ago, I discovered Illicit Encounters after I read about it in a magazine.

I couldn’t believe that there was a service offering exactly what I wanted.

New Delhi: In a country where marital infidelity is considered a sin, how difficult will it be for a company, which runs its entire business on the concept of adultery, to make a mark in India? A premium dating website/application for married individuals called Gleeden is making inroads in India and already has over 100,000 subscribers—121,500, to be precise.