Some senior FBI and Department of Justice officials wanted to take Apple to court to force it to comply, according to the Times, but that plan was dropped – perhaps because Apple couldn’t decrypt the messages even if it wanted to.

The i Message platform uses end-to-end encryption – so called because the messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and are only decrypted when they reach the intended recipient.

As the New York Times reported this week, Apple recently told a US court that it couldn’t comply with a wiretap order to turn over messages sent via Apple’s i Message system, because they were encrypted.

So far, the technology companies aren’t playing along.

Since the bombshell revelations of NSA spying by leaker Edward Snowden, US companies have taken great pains to prove to consumers that they support strong privacy protections.

Texts and photos sent via i Message (and videos sent via Face Time) aren’t decrypted in transit, and can’t be accessed at either end without the user’s passcode.

As Apple says, not even Apple can decrypt the messages: Apple has no way to decrypt i Message and Face Time data when it's in transit between devices.

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