Even if you really love them, it’s just hard to grasp that committing to the relationship through college means four years of not being together,” she contended.

“My mentality has changed to think that I might as well make myself as happy as I can in the moment, instead of holding out for the future.”For others in the same position, she advises talking about your significant other to friends or peers.

Whether the craze slows down after freshman fall quarter or after sophomore year, hookups will always have a place in Stanford’s social scene, as with many universities.

The appeal of no strings attached combined with physical pleasure is alluring.

While freshman Paco Lopez ‘20 believes that hooking up allows “everyone to be more honest and straightforward with their desires,” he is not part of the scene.

Currently in a long-distance relationship (LDR), Lopez has had a very different experience than many on campus.

I was in a car accident and it left me wheelchair bound I mean some days worst then other but I have a great head on my shoulders and god in my heart every step of way and I shall be good...

more about me I'm a girl that loves sports and music don't get twisted I still watch my Lifetime lol..

Although web-based contact poses quite the challenge, Gonzalez believes it helps partners grow closer.

“Asking random questions all day long helps you understand your partner in ways you can’t imagine,” he stated.

Of 100 freshmen who took it, only six shared my rather black-and-white belief that Stanford students don’t date at all.

Most students believed that relationships are more common among upperclassmen.

I didn’t start dating until the end of senior year, and the guy I dated had known me for years prior.