It’s part of human nature to want to avoid the things that you fear.

When your fear is healthy and realistic, avoiding dangerous situations can keep you safe.

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Isolating yourself from others might lead you to avoid rejection.

But over time, it will lead to a host of other problems.

If relationships were easy, everyone could have them.

But relating to others can be challenging at times.

When you’re afraid of something, you naturally want to avoid it.

As such, when you fear rejection you probably don’t ask people out very often.If you find yourself becoming a human chameleon to avoid rejection, the time to stop doing so is now.As time goes on, you will find it harder and harder to break out of this way of relating to others.But trying to avoid rejection will lead you into a trap.One way to avoid rejection is to become a total recluse. They fear other people so much that they avoid them like the plague.For many people, the fear of rejection is one of the biggest challenges in meeting people and starting relationships.