It stands as an enduring tribute to the fire service of New York State to whom we all owe immeasurable thanks and prayers.

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Firefighters in Dubai have been given water jetpacks to fight fires from the city’s waterways.

The ‘Dolphin’ device is a jet ski equipped with a jetpack and firehose which allows firefighters to tackle blazes along the city’s extensive shoreline.

Brick walkways lead from the east and west sides into the Cross and a curved granite bench faces the sculpture.

Robert Eccleston, then 33, of Schuyler Falls, NY, was selected from among several sculptors, who submitted concepts, drawings and models, to receive the commission.

A video released by the team shows a firefighter heading straight to the scene of the emergency on a jet ski, before strapping into the jetpack which uses water pressure to elevate the firefighter above the blaze.

Multiple fires in Dubai in recent years have sparked international interest, including a New Year’s Eve blaze that engulfed a 63-storey hotel in 2015.Leeftijd 40 Van Thatcham, United Kingdom Online - 2 weken geleden Vrouw Zoekt Man (435 km afstand) I am a bubbly, outgoing girl looking for a kind, sensitive man to go out with for drinks, dancing and some a fast growing global online store which offers Firefighters and First Responders the very best in Fire and EMS related gifts, men's and women's apparel products, job and family related decals as well as rings, watches, exclusive jewelry, Tools, Gear Bags and more. We offer gifts that are timeless, like gold and silver jewelry and fire rescue apparel that reflect the long tradition of the firefighting community's history and culture.The NYS Office of General Services (OGS), directed by Commissioner Joseph J.Seymour, was charged with the responsibility for planning, designing and overseeing construction of the Memorial.The creation of a permanent, official New York State memorial to honor the memory and heroism of all NYS firefighters who died in the line of duty, was a vision shared by three men in 1997: Governor George E. Mc Gowan, a retired FDNY Lieutenant and President of the NYS Professional Firefighters Association, Inc.; and Gunnar Neilson, President of the Firemens Association of the State of New York.