– Here’s an artful elision: “Maggie Roswell, the actress who played Maude Flanders had decided to leave the show for awhile.” Well, that’s one way of putting it, and I don’t even blame them.FOX really, really doesn’t like people talking about salaries, and that the subject was a no-go on a commentary doesn’t surprise me in the least.

flanders dating-56

Also like the commentary for the Jockey Elves, George Meyer is here quietly commenting on things without doing any of the stammering defense/non-defense of the indefensible crap that’s occurring on screen.

What’s most interesting here is that they actually do acknowledge that Flanders starting to date people might have been premature, that Rod and Todd were too much of a bummer to do much with, and that death is awfully difficult to handle on a show like this.

“It’s our homage to the Leftorium, and the bridge is entirely left handed puns.” They play their first hometown show in Arizona on 5 September.

Much like the commentary for the Jockey Elves episode, the commentary for the death of Maude Flanders mostly dances around the actual events on screen and their larger implications for the overall history and health of the show.

– Wondering why they went right to Flanders dating and if that might seem like it was too sudden.

That’s followed by an awkward silence before someone finally says it’s okay because it’s Homer doing it.

Calls it a “clerical error” that never got retaken.

– Meyer jumps on to try and explain what they were going for on the act break and admits that it didn’t work out and “just seemed grim”. As soon as he’s done, Scully, Maxtone-Graham and the rest of them go back to nervously laughing and explaining things.

– The framed picture of God that Flanders turns around had to be approved by the writers. – Now they’re discussing the fact that, yes, Hot Christian Singer Babe (whose name they couldn’t remember either) did come back in a later episode.