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SSL certificate verification is an important component of SSL security.

following error occured validating the name-44

Hidden camera xxx video chat - Following error occured validating the name

It is through certificate exchange and verification that the client, in this case Content Gateway, and the origin server verify that each is who it says it is.

Allowing wildcard certificates eases the strict matching burden when a Common Name match is required.

If you receive this message in the Alike dashboard or alerts section: This likely indicates that one or more blocks associated with your backup have digital signatures that do not match.

This can happen if an delayed I/O problem occurred writing the blocks to this ADS during the commit phase of the job.

Alike always checks new blocks acquired during the backup to make sure they were stored correctly.

It also periodically rechecks older blocks at an interval you can configure under Settings-”Backup Validation.” Alike needs to access your Alike Data Store (ADS) location in order to validate your backups.

If this process is consuming more I/O resources than you would prefer, you can dial back the re-validate time or disable validation completely.

If Alike is unable to read blocks due to a networking or storage intermittency, you will receive the following error in the Alike UI dashboard and alerts: The error message in the brackets will be a Windows error code and Windows error message indicating the root cause.

There are few special cases that may require additional explanation. Otherwise, even if user will receive error message about missing / redundant fields he won’t be able to do anything with it. Assume that API requires single Last special case is when our API can not decode request that it received (e.g. If you are using “Problem Details” standard described in RFC 7807 then you can use different So far I focused on HTTP request body validation.

However, detailed validation errors could still be pretty helpful for client application developers. But nothing stands in the way to use it also for validation of other parts of the request. To achieve that we can prepend path of every validation error with the name of part of the request. In next article, I would like to describe how to move this concept into actual implementation.

JSON REST API over HTTP is probably the most common method for integrating mobile, web, TV, (and more) applications with backend systems.