The probation of foreign students and teachers is carried out on the grounds of the departments and scientific centers of the University.

Today our students represent broad range of counties: the CIS (former USSR - Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Moldova), Morocco, Chad, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Yemen, Nigeria, Vietnam, Angola, Haiti, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Indonesia, Cuba, Kenya, Congo, Namibia, Palestine etc.

The University has its own geographically distributed high-speed corporate network Extranet including more than 2000 computers located in different buildings and hostels of the University.

Internet and Intranet - sites of the University, digital library and other information resources are also functioning.

Print this article RSREU (up to 1993 Ryazan State Radio Engineering Institute) was founded in 1951.

It is located in Ryazan, an ancient Russian town situated on the bank of the Oka-river, 180 kilometers south-east from Moscow.

It signs cooperation agreements and contracts with foreign institutions and organizations.

The University teaching staff actively participate in educational and research activities with higher educational institutions all over the world.Postgraduate study offers 20 programs for a degree of Candidate of Science and 16 - for a degree of Doctor of Science.Scientific research and experimental work is carried out at the University.Preparatory department for foreign citizens Subjects: Russian language , Physics, mathematics, Starting date: 01October; Duration: 9 months Fees:27000 roubles.Preparatory courses for all university entrants, including citizens of UIS Subjects:, Physics, mathematics, Russian language Starting date: 25-26 of June; Duration: 3 weeks of 6 days (6-7 hours) - about 120 hours; Fees : 2500 roubles.651900 Automation and control 210100 Control and computer science (informatics) in technical systems 657900 Automation technologies and manufacturies 210200 Automation of technological and manufacturing processes 654400 Telecommunication 201000 Multichannel telecommunication systems 654100 Electronics and microelectronics 071400 Physical electronics 200100 Microelectronics and solid-state electronics 200300 Electronic devices 200400 Industrial electronics 654300 Design and technologies of electronic devices 200800 Design and technologies of radio electronic devices 220500 Design and technology of electronic computing devices 654500 Electrical engineering, electromechanics and electrical technology 181300 Electrical equipment and electrical economy of institutions 653700 Device Manufacture 190900 Information measuring technique and technologies 653800 Standartization, certification and metrology 072000 Standardization and certification 654200 Radio engineering 200700 Radio engineering 201500 Domestic radioelectronic equipment 653900 Biomedical engineering 190500 Biotechnical and medical apparatuses and systems 190600 Engineering in medico-biological practice 654700 Information systems 071900 Information systems and technologies 654600 Computer science and Computers 220300 Computer aided design (CAD) 220400 Computer and automated system software 061800 Mathematical methods in economy 351400 Computer science in economy 060800 Economy and management of machine building industry 060500 Account stock, analisis and audit Preparatory department for foreign citizens Subjects: Russian language , Physics, mathematics, Starting date: 01October; Duration: 9 months Fees:27000 rubles.The results are well-known in Russia as well as abroad At the University students are engaged in scientific research work under the guidance of experienced supervisors.