Bless him, he never realized how much Cinderpelt lurved him! They may have the same colour hair and eyes, but they're totally different shapes (Cinderpaw is strong, chunky, with a broad head, while Jaypaw is frankly rather scrawny). She started out as "Moonstar", in the earliest drafts of the storyline, but then I decided that no cats would have "moon" in their names because it should be reserved for the Clans' special spiritual places. : We moved through the moons more quickly in Fireheart's stories because there was sooooo much going on.

Also, cats don't automatically become warriors when they're six moons old.

I didn't know that his cat Millie looked exactly like Silverstream, but I had to keep my promise.

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He tried to ask Firestar not to interfere, but Firestar just wanted to help out his old friend in his tricky early days of leadership.

Finally, the only way Onestar could see to make his Clan strong and independent was to turn his back on his friendship with Firestar.

As for his "true" love, I'm not sure I've made up my mind about that yet.

But I need to, because the question has to be answered quite soon! I have a suspicion that it's Deadfoot, except that I believe in the "Leafpool is Jaypaw's mother theory, so that would mean that he'd have to be connected to Tigerstar somehow, otherwise the trio wouldn't have powers...right?

But if you read Firestar's Quest, you'll see that Firestar genuinely loves his earthbound mate, and knows he made the right choice.

Even though the choice was made for him, really, because Spottedleaf died. And because I promised one of my co-workers, James, that his own cat could feature in the manga.The most I can guess is, for Thunder Clan, because he thought he'd do better than Bluestar, and Shadow Clan/the forest, because he wanted power... : Good question - and I can't answer it in too much detail because this will be covered in a future book.But I can say that Tigerstar started out with the best intentions of being a strong, loyal Thunder Clan warrior, and got disillusioned when the Clan was run in a different way than he thought best.: Sky Clan territory lies to the north of the original forest - Firestar and Sandstorm follow the river up past Wind Clan, and keep going on the eastern side of the mountains (because they don't go near the mountains on their way to the gorge).So in relation to the lake territory, Sky Clan is on the far side of the mountains, north-easterly.Tawnypelt didn't hate her father - she left Thunder Clan to be with him, didn't she?