You can also see when a message you've sent has been read by the recipient, even if they haven't replied yet or started typing.

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It's also a great substitute for regular SMS text messaging, often as a way to avoid expensive data charges or to avoid going over any text limits.

The biggest downside to using Kik is that you always have to use your data plan or connect to Wi Fi in order to use it, but for mobile devices users who are limited by texting, Kik is a great alternative. Chatting online is highly visual these days, and Kik allows users to message their friends with everything from photos and videos, to GIFs and emoticons.

A lot of teens love Kik for its intuitive and functional app interface that makes it easy to chat about anything as if they were doing it via text message.

Most people use Kik as a simple alternative to email or public chatting on any other social network.

You can choose what colors you want for your chat bubble.

Group chats: You can start your own group chats by tapping the search icon (the little magnifying glass), tapping "Start a Group" and then adding users to your group.To add a user from their Kik code, tap the search icon, then tap "Find People," then tap "Scan a Kik Code." You have to give Kik permission to access your camera before you can scan another user's Kik code to add them.Multimedia message sending: You aren’t just restricted to sending text messages with Kik.Click on any to pull up the chat and start chatting with them.Chat customization: You might notice that Kik closely resembles the look of Apple's i Message app.With Kik, you can send and receive an unlimited number messages to anyone else who has a Kik account.