Jurors will most likely have to decide whether circumstantial evidence is enough to convict Zimmerman and whether voice identification experts' findings should be trusted."While a large population of the country might watch this trial, the final six jurors' opinion of the case are the only ones that matter," said Randy Reep, a criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville.

"It would be impossible to overstate how critical the jurors are to the trial."Last week, Judge Nelson ruled that the jurors will be sequestered, housed as a group away from their families and friends.

She likes watching Bravo, episodes of the Real Housewives series, and is still adjusting to a calmer life in Florida.

During questioning, she said she thought Zimmerman was a security guard.

During questioning about her media exposure, she turned to Martin's mom, Sybrina Fulton, and said, "Is that his mom?

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A lot of people in her family took "the child's side" but she said she didn't form an opinion.

She said that when she lived in Chicago, there were reports of many shootings, so she didn't pay special attention to Martin's death.

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How the jurors — six women — and alternates — two women and two men — will weigh lawyers' arguments, evidence and witnesses' testimonies may be impacted by their life experiences, legal experts say.

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson made it very clear that jurors must use only evidence presented in court to reach a decision on Zimmerman's actions.

During the three rounds of questioning, lawyers learned a fair amount of information about the people they have chosen to decide Zimmerman's culpability.