Because while many people in Europe know and understand that Scotland voted to stay in the EU, that is unlikely to protect us from all of the consequences and despite the best efforts of our First Minister, there is now a significant risk to our tourist industry; a sector vital to the local economy in West Dunbartonshire.

The fact that more than a quarter of European citizens also say they are ready to snub UK products is also likely to hit Scotland hard; again this is another significant risk to West Dunbartonshire’s economy with food, beer and whiskey all being produced and exported from the local area.

It gives me great comfort to know that the Scottish Government, with the backing of the Scottish Parliament as a whole, are representing our case well in European circles.

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Similarly, Brexit has put at risk the huge success of the Scottish food and drink sector, with findings showing 27 per cent of EU citizens less likely to buy British goods or services following the result of the referendum.

Again Italians are most likely to boycott UK products with 43 per cent indicating this preference.

Scotland’s food and drink industry has been booming in recent years and is a massive success story, so the fact it is now facing a product boycott is deeply worrying.

All of this is yet further evidence that Scotland needs to protect its future by whatever means possible and it is right that the First Minister has the cross party support of the Scottish Parliament as all options continue to be explored to protect our nation’s place in Europe.

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