Since it is not against the law to lie, despite the defendant's bad intentions his lies were protected speech.

Law prohibiting advising or encouraging suicide found too broad Despite its unsavory nature, the expression of a pro-suicide point of view is speech on a matter of public concern, and is highly protected by the First Amendment.

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Assisting is separate and distinct from advising and encouraging The court struck the words "advise" and "encourage" from the Minnesota Assisting Suicide law, leaving the stricter requirements for proving "assisting" intact.

Since the defendant was found guilty under the portions of the law that was taken out, his case was sent back to the trial court to decide whether his actions were enough to convict him under the remaining part of the statute.

Each visit is no contact and limited to 20 minutes with the last visit in each time period starting 30 minutes prior to the close of that block.

Visits will not be permitted during tier lockdown or if: • Inmate has not been arraigned or assigned and moved to a housing unit • Inmate is on discipline for violating jail rules • Inmate is attending a jail program or participating in a work release or STS program It should also be noted that if visiting privileges are lost or not yet available to the inmate, it is not jail personnel's responsibility to notify the person scheduled to visit.

He was charged with two counts of aiding suicide under Minnesota law.

After being convicted on both counts, the defendant argued on appeal that the law violated his free speech rights.

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Inmate, provides the public with on-site and off-site video visitation privileges as well as the ability to set, cancel or participate in video visitation appointments.*By working from a home computer or kiosks located in the jail lobby’s visitation room,