She was a virgin and had most of her first time sexual experiences with me, but we never broke the bank and had sex.I had had sex with a couple other girls before and of course I wanted to with her as well, but I respected her boundaries and agreed to wait it out.

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She was very naive and innocent, raised very religiously but struggling to find her own identity outside of what her parents had tried to give her, if somewhat timidly.

She was slender, about 5'3", with long, wavy auburn-blonde hair and big, beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't believe how lucky to land her, and even be her first boyfriend.

I swallowed awkwardly at this, and ignored the quick glances at me from her family members.

They also said that she would probably not commit very much of the next year to her long term memory.

Altogether she was in the hospital for about a month before they released her.

Despite her recovery, though, the doctors warned us that all was not going to be perfectly fine right away.

To honor his 10th anniversary, each Monday we'll be featuring a video on Clay's (Official) website of the song he sang 10 years ago to the day on American Idol.

Today starts it with "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)".

She acted more or less the same, and usually remembered most things from the day before, but would take prompting for anything from the day before that.