Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead, Southland) talks to Chris about being married for over 30 years, raising kids and how he got into acting.He also talks about working on 90210, his time on Southland and what it was like when he first got the part of..Taran also talks about his time on SNL, writing and...

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Created by the show's original creator and writers, this 42-minute long episode is bringing you a long-awaited reunion of the Planet Express... They talk about how Max’s dad likes to exchange dirty jokes with his Max's son, listening to manual audio books and Chris teaches him how to use Twitter.

They also talk about Max’s newest book Minecraft... Chris, Matt and Jonah are back to talk about what everyone has been up to, Matt talks about drinking too much caffeine and Jonah talks about MST3K.

Jim Jefferies returns to the Nerdist for a third time!

He and Chris talk about his new show The Jim Jefferies Show, comparing the 90’s to other decades and how he got Brad Pitt to be a weatherman on his tv show. Get ready for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Deon Cole (Blackish, Conan, comedian) talks to Chris about how he got into stand up, how they come up with joke ideas and how comedy has changed over the years.

They also talk about the current trend of outrage, come up with a great show idea and talk.. Cohen (Futurama, Simpsons) talks about the roller coaster of working on Futurama, all the changes it has gone through during the years and some of the amazing voice actors he has worked with. Paula Poundstone talks to Chris about decluttering your home, playing board games and their favorite comedic actors.Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter) and Chris talk about doing press tours around the world, talking about the process of acting and the insecurities of being an actor.Robert then talks about being a big fan of watching movies, how he will get...James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek, Varsity Blues) talks to Chris about people asking questions about Dawson’s Creek a lot, what it’s like having four kids and how his life changed once he became a dad. Former Vice President Al Gore chats with Chris about An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, why he felt it was important to make a sequel to his first film and their mutual love of Tennessee.They also talk about how the world of politics has...Trey also talks about being a D&D fan, what inspired both their video games and what they are... Will and Chris talk about bad imitations of actors, his work with Funny or Die and being a parent.