We both wanted to get married and wanted to settle down.

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I liked women that dressed well, knew how to show skin and was confident in it.

The last and only girl I dated was a Bengali student that lived in Australia, she was one of those girls who was glad to have left Bangaldesh and live in Melbourne were she could dress, eat, drink and live the way she wanted, the freedom girls yearn for.

She would wear all sorts of western clothes, shorts, skirts, leggings, hot pants, tube tops, dresses, shirts, tank tops, you name it. I was also lucky to be one of those Bengali guys that had received a blowjob from a partner, comparing to my friends who never had that opportunity.

But, it was not to last, she did not want to come back home, so we ended it there and moved on. Sahana, my wife, on the other hand was not that type of women, she was not conservative per se, she was not religious, but was not very liberal, and at least not in the way she dressed.

It was after three days that I had sex with her with the light brightly on and I took her top off leaving her bra on as she was naked underneath.

She mildly protested, but paid not head and put my cock in her.

And slowly she started to wear shorts, skirts and Tee shirts at home.

Only when my parents or her parents or my friends would visit, she would go back to her older clothes mostly wearing Jeans trousers and Kurta tops.

She has two wonderful kids, her daughter is in her late teens and her son is just a little younger. As an example, one day Susan asked her son to get something for her and his answer was, laughingly, fuck you!