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Stepping through a single-line statement in a debugger may also be less convenient.

Another issue is that it may not be clear which of the method calls caused an exception, in particular if there are multiple calls to the same method.

The Ja Que library enables Java 8 Lambdas to be represented as objects in the form of expression trees at runtime, making it possible to create type-safe fluent interfaces, i.e.

instead of: In the Java Swing API, the Layout Manager interface defines how Container objects can have controlled Component placement.

For the user interface introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, see Microsoft Office 2007 ยง User interface.

For the 2017 Microsoft's visual design language, see Fluent Design System.

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In software engineering, a fluent interface (as first coined by Eric Evans and Martin Fowler) is a method for constructing object oriented APIs, where the readability of the source code is close to that of ordinary written prose.