I need to track my girlfriend message from her Viber what can I do?

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In this situation, you are going to need to have access to his email address on the application so that you can reset or press the forgot password option to have an email sent to his account in order to be able to reset his password for you and him to be able to enter the account.

-Open up your Kik app on your device -Tap on the Forgot Password link -Type in either his username or his email address -The link will be sent to his email account -Retrieve the email tap on the reset password -Set a password -Then tell him to open his application Understand that this situation will require him to open the app on his device being that Kik does not save the messages on their server but instead saves the messages on the device.

Once you get his phone go to the bathroom and lock the door.

Plug the phone into the laptop and run the data recovery program and all these deleted messages will be loaded onto your computer.

Also, those apps are usually quite expensive and you have to pay on a monthly basis for the service.

However, some of them do have a remote install option where the user of the target phone will just think they are getting an email from you.Rating: 3 - 6 reviews - Android May 12, 2015 - From Phone Tracker: Spy Phone App - Mobile tracker is a complete ....great for free, but to call it "spy" is a bit of a stretch.In a nutshell, you opening up his account on your device will not display messages being that they are only saved on his account.If you open the app on your device you will be able to see his contacts list that he has on the app.I think my wife is cheating on me, we work in different states and when she is at home she doesn't want me having access to her phone at all, whenever she get messages on her phone she is quick to delete them.