If you don’t want to hand stitch the front opening, you can use a sewing machine and create a regular topstitch.

Flip the lining fabric on the unrolled side under the folded fabric.

You will notice that your rolled fabric is in the middle.

Their eyes are forward, they do not care what’s behind.

This post is sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. But, the kids adore her and include her in every listing of family members that ever takes place.

I've never owned one of these tops, so none of the measurements are directly from ES's design, just the overall idea and aesthetic.

I'll put a bite-sized step in each response to this post.

As much as I hate characters on everything, character fabric gets my kids excited about sewing and projects, so I’m okay with it.

Plus, it’s nice that they have a few less popular characters like Mario and Sofia (and also plenty of Elsa, Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony for good measure).

Almost sweet enough to forgive the nightly attacks on my feet. Her name is Penny and I was excited for the opportunity to review Joann’s Personalized Fabric, a new option from Joann.com!

The fabric is personalized with the text of your choice, I think it’s especially cute with a name, but you could also choose a special date or inside joke to print.

The pieces include about 1/2″ extra, so cut on the lines and match them up as shown below: Cut out the following pieces: From Main Fabric: 1- 1 front on fold 1- back on fold 1- top piece -1 base piece 1-cushion cover From Lining Fabric: 1- 1 front on fold 1- back on fold 1- top piece -1 cushion cover -1 base piece From 1/2″ foam: -1 front -1 back From seat cushion: -1 cushion piece Sew the top piece into the middle of the front. Sew the front and back foam together around the edges.