Turning to her assistant she said, "Get the slave stink washed off her and then get her dressed. I was taken off the delivery girl's dolly but left naked in the elevator lobby for several minutes until the mail room oaf and Suzie's assistant returned with a handcart to haul me away.Call me when she's ready and I'll meet her in the lobby." I watched Suzie's expensive high heels click down the hallway and disappear around the corner. The mailroom oaf - slow and non-verbal as he was - attempted to flirt with her, but she ignored him entirely, contenting herself by using her break time from Suzie to play on her phone.

I was wheeled down to the basement and outside to the loading dock.

I was very conscious of my nudity and the gruff, muscular men staring at my naked body as my cage was wheeled past them, but with my hands cuffed behind my back there was little I could do. " the burly man outside asked as we burst into the sun.

"Humiliating and degrading, I'm afraid, and more than a bit invasive. Of course your calendar is free, if you want to get graded with her." Suzie's countenance immediately switched from playfulness to shock.

However it will give me a good idea of what sort of price that hot slave pussy of yours might fetch on the block." Slave pussy? I was wet, and excited, but that was purely intellectual. Her assistant seemed casual and matter-of-fact, but I could see just the hint of a smile. Looking around she assured herself that no one had overheard her assistant's joke.

Did having me naked in a cage at her law office cause her to view me in a professional capacity, like the other livestock she handled all day?

I was suddenly worried that Suzie, unaware of the Stanford Prison Experiment and the other psychological experiments I was schooled in, might not know when to stop.

When she saw that he was working his fat little fingers into me a bit too enthusiastically Suzie's assistant called to him "Finish her up" and for the first time that day I was grateful she was present. "Your ass is going to be so FIRED." "Not by you and not by your little friend, Suzie either," she said, tossing me a bag with my clothes. I got so much shit on her she's lucky she's not in a collar already." The foreman tossed me a roll of paper towels which I used to dry myself the best that I could. Suzie appeared about 10 minutes later as I was still trying to comb out my wet hair.

After I had been scrubbed down like a dirty sow my hands were at last uncuffed and I took off my gag. After getting dressed the assistant, still playing on her phone, led me back upstairs and dumped me in the lobby with a faux polite, "Have a nice day! Her manner was friendly and she made no mention of the bizarre lesbian power trip that had happened in the elevator lobby a few minutes before where it felt like she might actually enslave me.

Instead, she Ubered a car and a few minutes later we were walking back through the front doors of our health club.