Only too strange that "we English" here in ZH call it the same and are certainly not single mothers living in council estates but rather good looking, highly intelligent, independent women (and men - I won't leave my male friends behind, will I? You strike me of beeing quit desperat though after reading all your comments Mr. All you have to do is say the things they expect to hear, which is not difficult at all, infact I have a script ready made for the purpose.

Nerds and Trekkie kind of girls are my favourite though, provided they fit a certain dimensional criteria, for reasons I would rather not divulge on a public forum.

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Tl;dr: my girlfriend, who I care about a great deal, doesnt take good care of her hygiene - how do I help her without hurting her feelings?

Is this really a faux pas or is that just the realm of television? My wife has a brother only, and years ago he dated one of her female friends.

When she did come to visit 2 years later, C's best friend in the fraternity, who was notorious for his lack of success with the ladies, wound being the one who banged her.

He also made the mistake of bragging to C about it. The second was when a total womanizer H started dating P's 2 year younger sister.

I'm sure my brother would not have objected if we dated but it would have been awkward for the friend and me.

My buddy married the sister of one of his lifelong friends.

The only issue he had was that my room and his shared a wall, and she is not the type who is quiet in bed.

Thankfully, a little while later she moved closer to where I loved so that stopped being an issue.

I think that would qualify as Deb dating a good friend's brother, so I have no objection.

I don't ever recall hearing that one is not supposed to date one's friends' sibs.

(There are, as alluded above, some aspects of conversation that are best left unuttered, but I was never a big fan of discussing anyone's sexual prowess or proclivities, so I can't see how that would change just because the conversation is with a friend about their sib.) I think lots of times guys have friends that they are close enough with to know are jerks and how they treat women, and wouldn't want them anywhere near their sisters.