This is a confusing emotion to experience, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. #4 You can gain nothing out of the relationship Really, is there any point in keeping in contact with an ex or staying friends if you really can’t gain anything out of the new relationship?

#5 Your ex is annoying Is your ex an annoying pest who needs you like a nanny even after breaking up?

But do put an end to it when you think you’re ready for a real relationship.

[Read: Things to know before having sex with your ex] #2 When there’s mutual back scratching Both of you may have drawn swords out while you were in the relationship.

#3 Both of you are like siblings If you were in a relationship where sex was nonexistent, then you should have no problems being friends.

After all, sexual attraction is the biggest distraction for exes trying to be friends.

If you find that you have no option but to meet each other all the time, perhaps it’s better to raise a peace flag and friend each other on facebook.

You could just wave or say ‘hi’, or even have a conversation once in a while.

[Read: The right way to be friends with an ex] #7 You go bumping all the time Do you work in the same office?

Do you live next to each other or are both of you neighbors?

But did both of you break up mutually because both of you felt like the relationship wasn’t giving the happiness that both of you deserved?

Mutual and happy breakups are easy to turn into friendship.

Ask yourself these questions, and if you’re still convinced of a possible friendship, go right ahead.