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Joanna is married with three kids and lives in Katamon, Jerusalem.

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The resume should contain the basic facts about the boy/girl: name, birthdate, height, education, camps, and extra-curricular activities.

It should also include basic information about the parents: names, birth place, occupation, shul affiliation, and the siblings: age, educational institution, and name of spouse if applicable.

Take them on a Segway Tour of The Old City or Yemin Moshe.

Segway is the most modern form of transportation and the tour is entertaining and fun.

The resume is not meant to advertise or properly describe the boy/girl; typically, the parent or the person who presents the resume also describes and recommends the single.

Shadchanim often have a large collection of resumes, all pretty similar.

Content should be made to fit within a single page.

It pays to have someone else proofread the document for spelling and grammar errors.

At the end of the resume is a list of references and their contact information.