The story referred to Government plans to lift the ban on homosexual couples holding civil partnerships in churches and other religious settings.

The following evening after work, Mr Smith, who attends an evangelical church in Bolton, responded: ‘No, not really.

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Mr Corfield said it was not the comment but its potential misinterpretation that was at issue, but still ruled that Mr Smith had committed a serious breach of discipline for which he could be dismissed.

But because of his loyal service, Mr Smith was instead demoted to money support adviser, handling rent collection.He never expected this to happen – it came completely out of the blue.The cruel persecution of homosexuals by the law was rightly ended more than 50 years ago.Surely that leaves room for colleagues to discuss and even disagree about the topics of the day?The organisation, which took over homes in 2005 from Trafford Council, receives most of its money in rent from tenants, but it can also apply for public money and last month won Government funds for an £8 million new project.The following month he was called to a disciplinary meeting before Mike Corfield, the Trust’s Assistant Director, Customers.