Note (the comments) that many of the calls are actually asynchronous, but I skipped showing the callbacks to make the example shorter.

You also don't have to use async for control flow, but I find it helpful.

Google spreadsheet formula not updating video

The token will be automatically regenerated when it expires. Many of the calls are accessible from the main Spreadsheet object by passing in a sheet ID (see above), but some functionality is only available on the Worksheet object because it requires various URLs only known after fetching the sheets for making requests. You can treat the row as a normal javascript object.

Object keys will be from the header row of your sheet, however the google API mangles the names a bit to make them simpler.

They have limitations on the column names they will accept - all lowercase with no symbols or spaces.

If the values in your sheet do not follow their rules, their API will adapt the key it actually returns to you.

They will auto-update when new data arrives through the Google Form. Here’s the link to the Goolge Form so you can see the formulas auto-update.

Let’s run through how the first of these array formula examples, the SUM example, works.

By default, this module makes unauthenticated requests and can therefore only access spreadsheets that are "public".

The Google Spreadsheets Data API reference and developers guide is a little ambiguous about how you access a "published" public Spreadsheet.

There are a number of date functions available in Google Spreadsheets.