If I were to use Aran yarn again on a cowl I would use the pattern notes for adjusting my pattern down and decrease the starting chain by 16.

However, it does wear well and can even be pulled up over my head if I need a little extra cover.

I love that the stripes are different widths and that the yellow, which stands out the most, is such a tiny streak.

I did have some weird color changes and knots in my cake that I think were non-standard and I got this single row of golden yellow.

In another project I might have been quite put out by this, but for this cowl it turned out amazing.

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I’m not a huge fan of things around my neck so I like the option of wearing them away from my neck.

The yarn has a gorgeous drape that is excellent for an accessory like this. The look changes completely depending on how I turn the cowl.

It can be found everywhere from your Grandma’s couch to your favorite TV sit-com, and from the London runway to the red carpet.

At this point, it’s a bit baffling that we keep finding new ways to employ this favorite stitch. First, she was designed with the idea of using cake yarn.

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Yarn: Lion Brand Mandala in Chimera Hook: 4.5mm Size: about 16 inches wide by 44 inches around using the cowl instructions Notes: This one is super stretchy so it’s actually hard to measure.