The broadcast range can vary greatly, typically from 700 feet to 3,000 feet, and other devices running at the same GHz frequency can cause interference.

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Surveillance companies, such as Eye Spy Pro, sell a vast assortment of ordinary objects that contain concealed cameras, including i Pod docks, air purifiers, smoke detectors and tissue boxes.

Most require a video cable and monitoring software that feeds images to a computer or television.

While motion detectors can be incorporated into surveillance camera systems, the latest technology converts motion detectors into their own monitoring systems.

Secured to the refrigerator or attached to pill bottles, these tiny sensors can ensure meals are eaten and medications are taken.

Depression, lack of a social support system, verbal or physical aggression, substance abuse as well as fear of institutionalization and loss of independence are just a few of the numerous barriers that prevent the reporting of elder abuse.

As technology improves, many families are turning to granny cams as a way to prove their suspicions.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, physicians and other healthcare professionals are involved in 21.6 percent of reported cases, while family members are the perpetrators nearly 15 percent of the time and service providers are involved 9.4 percent of the time.

People suffering from dementia, as well as women and those with physical disabilities, are the most likely victims of caregiver abuse and neglect.

As the technology for surveillance equipment grows, granny cams are combining several features into a single product, such as adding a motion detector, internal DVR and remote Internet viewing to a wireless camera.