Several crops will yield multiple vegetables throughout the season if continually watered.

The crops available to plant include turnips, potatoes, corn, and strawberries.

Planting, growing, and harvesting crops is one of the main focuses of the Story of Seasons series.

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Photographs and recipes are ways to track a player's success in the game.

In addition to being collector's items, photographs and recipes are used as guides when the farm is rated during the third year.

The head carpenter comes by the farm to make an estimate and, if the player has enough money and lumber, will begin work the next day.

Construction of all of the house add-ons will result in a photo.

A greenhouse can be built so that any plant can grow anytime during the year.

The player starts with five basic tools to help restore the farm: a hammer, an axe, a sickle, a hoe, and a watering can.

Along the way, the player has the opportunity to upgrade tools, add extensions to the house, fill the barn and coop, and cover his farmland with flowers, grass, and crops.

The local town, where most of the villagers spend their day, contains a church, a bar, a bakery, a town square, a flower shop, a library, a tool shop, among other things.

Along with crops planted on the farm, there are also wild growing plants and herbs that the player may pick as he goes through his daily chores.

The wild growing plants change from season to season.

, is a farm simulation video game developed by Victor Interactive Software and published by Natsume for the Nintendo 64 video game console, and the third game in the Story of Seasons series (following Harvest Moon GB).