HVN carries out projects in the areas of advocacy, fostering contact and mutual support among those who have HIV, giving information and providing services.The motto is 'Optimising the quality of life of those with HIV'.

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HIV is a virus that breaks down the human immune system.

HIV can be effectively treated, and the sooner you receive treatment after contracting it, the better.

The quicker an HIV infection is detected, the less chance there is of major damage to the immune system. The chance of catching an STI is greater if you have HIV. If you or your regular partner has HIV, you can sometimes decide to stop using condoms. And damage to the mucus membranes increases the chance of HIV. So if the viral load is lower, the chance of HIV transmission through oral sex is also lower. If a sexual partner has an undetectable viral load, the doctor can still recommend PEP.

An HIV treatment provider monitors viral load through blood tests. The viral load can even increase, due to resistance to medication for example, or because someone does not comply with the treatment regimen. This is based on an undetectable viral load: the HIV virus is not detectable in the blood.

We control STIs and HIV, and promote sexual health.

Soa Aids Nederland is part of Stichting Aids Fonds - STOP AIDS NOW! Our organisation is structured on a programme basis.

Le slogan est "d'optimiser la qualité de la vie pour les séropositifs".

Dutch advocacy organisation for people with HIV and those who are close to them.

You can also get HIV through contact with infected blood, through drug use, infected needles or a blood transfusion for example. The only way to be certain whether you have HIV is to have an HIV test.

If you belong to a key population and have unprotected sex, it is wise to get tested regularly. Combination therapy involves taking three antiretrovirals a day.

The virus is present in blood, semen and pre-cum, vaginal discharge and breast milk. Oral sex and cunnilingus also involve a small risk.