Also, no significant air entrapment occurred in the presence of carbon fibres.Carbon fibres were well-distributed and they slightly decreased the unit weight of concrete.Hebat betul Abang N membuat aku orgasm beberapakali.

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The mechanical properties studied include: compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, modulus of elasticity for compression and beam modulus of rupture.

However, carbon fibres had no adverse effects on the segregation resistance of concrete.

The reduction or elimination of longitudinal and transverse reinforcements in the construction of structural or non-structural members can result in savings in manual labor time for the placement of longitudinal and transverse reinforcements and facilitating concrete pour without the need for vibration.

In the first phase, the fresh properties and behavior of high strength steel fiber reinforced flow-able concrete / self-consolidating concrete (HSSFRC) mixtures with different dosages of steel fibers, ranging from zero-to-4% by volume in 1% increments with variable high range water reducer (HRWR) are studied.

The results indicate that SCC with high flowability and some residual strength beneficial for crack control can be prepared for use in transportation facilities.

The results of the experiments further show that, at optimal fiber additions, FR-SCC mixtures can have the same fresh concrete properties as traditional SCC mixtures.

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