Unless they are biblical archaeologists, they rarely refer to the Bible as a guide for their research.Although the conflicts between conservative Christianity and science get the most press coverage in North America, they do not represent the full story.

When the writers described the creation of the world, they borrowed heavily from earlier religious writings of nearby Pagan societies.

When they wrote about about animals talking, the sun standing still, mental illnesses being caused by indwelling evil spirits, a worldwide flood, a flat earth under a metallic dome, etc.

If the theory gains general acceptance in competition with other theories, and if it leads to a general advance in scientific knowledge, then it may become an established theory.

Eventually, it may become so universally accepted that it becomes regarded as fact by the vast majority of scientists. At any step in the process, falsification is possible: The theological quest for truth is considerably more complex.

All events described in the Bible, whether miracles or naturally occurring consequences, happened exactly as described.

There is no possibility that any of these events did not happen in this way, because that would mean that the Bible itself is not free of error.Read More ยป Integrated Farming Finds Success in India with Help of Nuclear Science.Farmers have teamed up with scientists to find new ways to produce more food, improve the quality of their farmland and earn more money.Hugh Ross, 99% of all scientists believe this idea is more far fetched than believing the world is flat. The scientific record says so." Various groups disagree about humanity, other species of life, the earth itself and the rest of the universe.This is because their beliefs are built upon different initial assumptions.The battle today is largely that of the philosophy of science." H. Van Til."In a recent Gallup poll it was found that half the adults in America believe that the earth is 6,000 years old.