Here’s how to do it: Syncing Facebook and Twitter from Facebook:1) Search for “Twitter” in Facebook and add the first “Twitter” application that shows up in the search results.(It’s made by Twitter itself.)2) Allow Twitter to access your profile.3) Log into your Twitter account (via the Twitter application inside Facebook).

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If you have already connected your Twitter account to your Facebook profile, and have configured both the accounts so that all your tweets can be automatically posted on your Facebook timeline, any tweet that you post on your Twitter account can also be seen by your Facebook friends.

If you want to stop Twitter from posting your tweets automatically to your Facebook timeline, you can log on to your Twitter account from a laptop or desktop computer and disconnect your Facebook profile from your Twitter account from there.

There once was a time when our Facebook friends wanted nothing to do with our Twitter updates.

Now that Twitter is growing at an astounding rate and rounding the mainstream bend, more of our Facebook friends have developed a fancy for Twitter themselves, and it's becoming commonplace to highlight our tweets on our Facebook walls.

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Your Twitter account posts your tweets on your Facebook Timeline automatically only if you've linked the two accounts.

Instead of deleting each tweet manually from your Facebook Timeline, you can stop Twitter from sending your tweets to Facebook.

However if you want to use your Android smartphone to disconnect your Facebook profile from your Twitter account, you must use the Facebook app for Android and remove the Twitter account from there.