Each group is different so please visit their website for more details.

We have a Medical Advisor who is a Medical Doctor but the majority of our members are volunteers who share similar problems of coping with Herpes.

County Friends/From their Website: Orange County Friends is a social group for people with herpes.

We welcome everyone over 18 who is interested in making new friends, sharing fun activities, and meeting others who share our particular situation. LAOC HELP is the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters of the Herpes Resource Center .

We invite you to join us on the 4th Tuesday night of each month or the first Friday in OC to learn more about dealing with Herpes.

Note: These herpes (and usually HPV) groups are not run by HWerks. While some groups may focus on support, others may be purely for social and dating.

Local groups are just another way to meet people in your area and are a great asset to the community!

their Website: This group is my effort to pickup where the moderator of the yahoo group left off.

It looked like there were some problems using yahoo groups to schedule events and keep things organized so I have decided to move it over to

ORANGE COUNTY HELPOUR MISSIONWe are a social organization whose mission is to help those with Herpes help themselves develop the social skills needed to cope with Herpes.

Our meetings may include speakers, small group discussions and films.

Orange County Friends is not a dating service, but a social group that allows members to meet socially in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.