Several years later, in a conversation with another user who had edited one of his images, Seedfeeder displayed reverential deference to Wikipedia's Creative Commons philosophy while lamenting that surrendering the fate of his work to the community led to censorship and derivatives that were "lacking in artistic ability": I have uploaded the illustrations I have created with the full understanding that they may be altered or manipulated by fellow wiki editors. Though admittedly, to date, I have found derivatives of my work either to be lacking in artistic ability, or needless croppings to suit a particular POV agenda.

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In Wiki-POV-pornography, they have a purpose: they are making a porno. The use of props to create context and the simultaneous presentation of multiple perspectives make this the most ambitious work in the Seedfeeder canon, and if you think about it for too long, it almost starts to feel like a meta-commentary on his own illustrations or the porn they so closely resemble. If you'll indulge a fanciful comparison, it recalls a similarly monumental image by another master at the top of his game: Diego Velázquez's But who is Seedfeeder?

Is the fellated cameraman a stand-in for the artist? The interview request I left on his talk page went either unseen or ignored, and the only information I've been able to glean about him comes from his communications with other editors, archived versions of his user page, and and he is probably a mechanical engineer by profession.

"It appears to be a filter that lowers the pixel count, creating obvious gradients.

Artists use these filters too," Johnson wrote in an email, citingcalled Wiki-POV-pornography, which depicts a woman going down on a man as he films her with a camcorder slung over his shoulder.

He is strident about his principles, and when sensitive issues come up—especially involving race or gender—he is dismissive and salty.

In 2008, a person commenting from an anonymous IP address wrote that Seedfeeder's facial illustration "contains what can be perceived as rape" and that it "could be perceived as racial stereotyping by the image of a dark skinned male ejaculating on a light skinned female." As drawn, the female in the facial picture has a neutral facial expression, this was done intentionally.

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It's maybe a bit rough, as would characterize the early style of any master, but the hallmark's of Seedfeeder's work are there—the gentle light, the quiet characterizations. Within days itin a message titled "Bukkake image" left on Seedfeeder's now-archived talk page: "Hi - we could use an image on this article too. Thanks." A few days after that: "Image request - Pearl necklace (sexuality)." And then: "Also Anal–oral sex." Another Wikipedian, 62 Misfit, chimed in: "Also Coprophilia." On August 25, not even two months after his first image, Seedfeeder was awarded "The Graphic Designer's Barnstar." Wikipedia's greatest sex illustrator had arrived.