Includes connecting cable for internal SCSI devices and rear mounting bracket with a 25way connector for external devices.

DATAFLYER 4000SX only £94.99 lmb £39.99 2mb £77.99 4mb £114.99 8mb £219.99 3Jl'j J DDPD -± J This superb package is a must for any CDROM user.

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The EZ Drive stores 135MB on a single 3.5' cartridge and has a seek time of 13.5ms. (A SCSI interface Is required) SYQUEST EZ135MB £239.95 135MB CARTRIDGE ..f CALL VIDEO BACKUP SCART £65 VIDEO BACKUP PHONO £60 UPGRADE TO VERSION 3 .£20 [03 FLOPPY EXPANDER Save 1.5MB on a standard floppy drive and 3MB when used in conjunction with the XL Drive 1.76. £79.95 SX-32 is an internal add-on card for your CD32 and features: VGA port, RGB port, parallel port, serial port, external disk drive port (1.76MB), clock, controller for 2. £40 512 X 32 SIMM 72-PIN (2MB) £75 1 X 32 SIMM (4MB) £125.95 2X32 SIMM (8MB) £235.95 4 X 32 SIMM (16MB).....£499.95 1 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (1MB) .....£30 4 X 8 SIMM 32-PIN (4MB) .....£139 1 X 4 STATIC COLUMN A3000 ____£25 1 X 4 DIP .£25 256 X 4 DIP £5 1 X 1 DIP ..£5 CIA .....£12 GARY ...£19 PAULA ...£19 DENISE ..£19 SUPER DENISE £25 KEYBOARD IC .£12 FAT AGNUS 1MB ......£19 FAT AGNUS 2 MB .....£29 PRINTER CABLE .£6 RS232 CABLE ... £59.95 AURA £79.95 MEGALOSOUND .£29.95 squirrel scsi interface Included where you see this logo SURF SQUIRREL Surf Squirrel offers an even higher SCSi performance, auto-booting, and ultra-fast serial port. FLATBED SCANNERS »EC processor accelerator card for t A500 and A500 . Check out this latest update to this pink and sweet game for girls Super tennis champs 82 Short skirts white plimsols and sports bras.

76 XL DRIVE A4000 £75 PC880B EXT POWER DRIVE £49.95 INTERNAL DRIVES PC881 A500 . £35.95 PC883 A600 1200 £35.95 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 5CSI .£259 1 GIGABYTE 3.5 5C5I EXTERNAL £335 MICROPOLIS 2 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI.....£CALL 4 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI £CALL 9 GIGABYTE 3.5 SCSI f CALL HITACHI G V P RAM 340MB 2.5 IDE ....f CALL 510MB 2.5 IDE .....£CALL 810MB 2.5 IDE .....f CALL 1 GIGABYTE 2.5 IDE f CALL OTHERS 120MB 2.5 IDE .£95 M-TEC HD External IDE hard disk for the A500 comes complete with an internal ROM switcher, and upgradable to 4MB RAM 6 8 0 2 0 EC M-TEC AT500 BARE ...£99 PLEASE CALL FOR HD SIZES MEMORY REQUIRES 30-PIN SIMMS OVERDRIVE HD External PCMCIA 3.5" IDE hard disk OVERDRIVE BARE .....£99 OVERDRIVE 420MB ...£259 MEGACHIP ZIP DRIVE 100MB SCSI . £179.95 100MB DISKETTE ...£15.95 ZIP Dftl Vt REQUIRES SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE MEMORY SYQUEST EZ135 The Syquest EZ135 drive is an ideal storage device. SX-32 MODULE ...£199.95 CHIPS & SPARES 256 x 32 SIMM 72-PIN (1MB) . £49 ALL MODEMS INCLUDE SOFTWARE AND CABLES HI-SOFT SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE . The video signal is edited in professional 4:2:2 studio standard and is sychronized entirely new. MINIMUM DELIVERY £2.50 ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR CHEQUES TO CLEAR GURU-ROM V6 £49.95 * 5YST£m* EVIEWS System news 76 Andy Maddock brings you all that is weird and wonderful on the Amiga games scene Xtreme racing 78 Guildhall bring you a race-'em-up for all budding boy racers out there Gloom deluxe 80 Guns at the ready.

The drives are supplied formatted, partitioned and have Workbench installed for immediate use. The hard Ate also has the faa Wy to add 2.4.6 or 8mb of RAM inside 1 A500 250mb HARD DRIVE £209.99 Additional RAM for the hard d Hv* £89.99 per 2mb DXSAr L' JZli Now includes CD ROM drivers and instructions.

The Dataftyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the signals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.

The package comprises the Discology Disk, manual and Discology cartridge for making copies of heavily protected programs with an external disk drive.

Discology will also format disks, check disks for errors etc.

Unlike other SCSI interfaces, the Dataflyer SCSI is compatible with all known accelerators etc and it does not stop you from utilising any of the important expansion ports on your A1200 A600.

The Dataflyer SCSI easily installs Into the A1200 A600 (simply pushes In, no need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200. DATAFLYER SCSI* ONLY £69.99 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59-99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI Interface HB J c - Aj Sj V Discology is the ultimate in disk copying power for the Amiga.

In addition, this genlock disposes of blue-box keying, bypass, RGB-colour correction, a stereo-audio control with microphone input as well as an integrated test pattern generator for adjustment. .£919.95 Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips . Export orders Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Fill in the form and you might win our great prize AMIGA Computing 4 MARCH 1996 HE COVERDISKS c OVER STORY NEMAC IV DEMO Get ready for a blasting frenzy with this exclusive Amiga Computing cover disk demo of the latest Doom clone.

Take control of a walking armoury and blast those evil robots to hell Utilities unlimited Another incredible collection of useful utilities.

£19.99 EACH Thaa ZW*® S or buy 5PEC M- 5 BOTH FOR £24.99 OFF™ hsspjinus U ZL Dsil V.