So when Obama broke these promises, it felt so much worse than when other Presidents broke their promises.

Also in July 2010, the DEA raided a medical marijuana facility in Covelo, California.

Then in September 2010, the DEA conducted raids on at least five medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada, where medical marijuana is legal.

Editor's Note: Our friend, Dan from Squirrel Hill, has updated his list to 1,063 documented examples of Barack Obama's lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

He began with 252 examples, then quickly grew to 504 and later to 694.

It created horrible incentives, and sent the wrong message.

The bailout was evil because it rewarded the bad people and punished the good people.It redirected resources from more productive uses to less productive uses.It punished the hard working taxpayers who had played by the rules and obeyed the law.investment bankers and hedge fund managers each paid ,800 to attend.In October 2011, Obama hired Broderick Johnson, a longtime Wall Street lobbyist, to be his new senior campaign adviser.– Nedgangen vi har sett det siste året fortsetter i oktober.