This happens if the friends are not accommodating the other person 's opinions. What are some key communication issues of interracial romantic relationships?Although interracial and intercultural romantic relationships have been present throughout history, they have rarely been culturally encouraged or even accepted.

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There are several communication issues which arise in interracial relationships , and these may cause conflicts among couples (Gudykunst& Kim, 1992).

Similar to interracial friendships , language can prove to be a communication barrier if interracial couples do not adequately understand each others' language .

Although many communication issues are the same across all romantic relationships, these relationship must also contend with issues of discrimination and identity.

In interracial romantic relationships, the partners are aware of social disapproval.

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What are some key communication issues of interracial friendships?

Interracial friendships provide a context of equality in which intergroup differences may be addressed to reduce prejudice and conflict.

The factors include individual differences like love style and the degree of security or certainty about the relationship, as well as contextual considerations like geographic distance and social sanctions. How can computer mediated communication (CMC) can both facilitate and hinder intercultural relationships?

Computer-mediated communication (CMC) refers to human-human interaction via the computer.

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