The blond has no apparent flaws except being a damsel in distress, but the character played by Angela Bassett is a shamed former police officer who has a substance abuse problem, who also has a failed marriage and appears to be a crappy mom.

Because the combination is with a black MAN and a white WOMAN. 🤔And then, of course, the black woman has come in to help the black man PROTECT his precious yoga instructor wife, who spends a carefree life until the mean old ghosts come to terrorize them.

Oh yeah, it’s a horror flick that also incorporates interracial dating, Black people in horror movie stereotypes, fear of white people and a hint of bugged out comedy.

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The weekend getaway goes from awkward to horrifying via hypnosis, strange housekeepers and what looks like an attempted fade via lacrosse stick.

Well, I just jumped back into the dating market this past month and I am finding that the options are few. They can do it just fine, but it takes extra work to function outside of their normal character. I already know that I will run into the same problems that I ran into before - see the commentary entitled "White Men Only". I am already seeing some of those problems popping up again. I hated my job and basically had inadequate employment/ income. Instead i‘m just trying to get to know more people). but he has to offer something that compensates (There is a penalty fee that you have to pay when you are Black and male).

“I saw two people go from meeting and shaking hands to making out and leaving together within 15 minutes.” Congratulations to the happy couple!

There’s even an interracial couple element, and so far, no word from the He Man Woman Hater’s Crew about how shows like this leads to black genocide.

The ideal mate across the board (all ethnic groups of women) is still a white male, successful, earning 50k or more a year.

It was a problem the last time I tried to date, and obviously that is the kind of problem that will never go away.Although I am not looking for any serious matches…. I chalk most of my social aversion to the fact that I am pretty much an introvert (although I was much more social growing up). Being a Black male who wants to meet women from a variety of ethnic groups… Most non-black women want to see higher earnings/more lucrative employment. In other words, if he is a physician, attorney, or an executive, or has some other job that would give him an acceptable income, he can usually do just fine. (if I can find one that can appreciate a decent guy, who has a temperament that I can tolerate, and who matches up in terms of values and culture) often have irrational expectations when it comes to income as well. I just wish someone would have told me that sooner.only activity partners, since I am not in any position to delve into a serious relationship. In fact, I will be 39 next month, and to tell you the truth, I have never really dated for any meaningful length of time. I didn’t go on my first date until I was 29 (the last time I dated). When I tell people that my life is crap (because they ask) and that I hate how my life turned out, they have no idea what I mean. Common social situations that are enjoyable to most people (dating, going to social gatherings, crowded places, events) are a pain in the ass for me. I typically have no interest in dating Black women…and exclusively date interracially… I wasted all that time chasing that fairy tale called “The American Dream”. I would have spent more time trying to live and enjoy the little time that we have on this planet instead of chasing money, career, material possessions just so that I could be viable and marketable to the opposite sex. I now realize that I wasted 20 years of my life on complete bullshit. Another problem is that when I mention I don’t want a serious relationship… They assume that I am a cheating husband…or I just want to get laid (not necessarily the case…. I simply want friends/activity partners because I don’t have the time and resources required for a relationship.What they seek often seems to be something commercially manufactured. I have heard of the term Tupac w/ a degree or in a suit to describe what many of them are interested in. but 39 years on this planet observing people has shown me otherwise. But if Halle Berry walked into my life, I wouldn’t turn her away. I would rather have a relationship develop naturally on its own from friends/dating partners. Last time around I had to eventually remove my photos to increase my chances of success… I will probably do the same thing again, while leaving my ethnicity blank. I have recently started to come to the conclusion that meeting someone or even having a decent dating life may not be in the cards for me.Then of course there is the fact that from a standpoint of values, physical appearance, worldview, and mannerisms I don’t fit what they are typically looking for. Even the 5-10% of top notch Black women seem to find favor with certain aspects of this type of Black male. There is no doubt in my mind that my photos hold me back. Whenever I remove my photo and leave my ethnicity unanswered… The key for me will be finding decent employment (it always seems to come back to that).“Unsurprisingly, it didn’t go as planned.”If It Ain’t Broke Some guys have the Tinder date down to a science.