Raven comes off far worse due to Lawrence's obvious disinterest in the role, coasting from scene to scene with none of her trademark charisma.When Raven reverts to her natural blue form (which is probably one of the worst translations of a character from page to screen in modern comic book films) her performance somehow becomes even more unengaging.He’s too interested in hurtling to the next plot point, the next introduction, the next fight scene.

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How can an actor as charismatic and dynamic as Isaac feel so torpid here?

The failure to make Apocalypse engaging is mostly the fault of Simon Kinberg’s script.

The first hour is almost entirely in service of setting up new players and establishing what the veterans are up to.

Charles Xavier/Professor X (James Mc Avoy) is successfully running his school for mutant kids.

Michael Fassbender can’t give Magneto’s storyline the emotional depth it needs.

But could any actor distract from how that storyline embodies the most onerous cliché in regards to the treatment of women in comics?

And how many more movies can we handle about white men given great power who churn out jokes and punches with equal aplomb?

The genre desperately needs to diversify not just in terms of race and gender but also the kinds of stories on which filmmakers choose to focus.

Perhaps, “X-Men: Apocalypse” also exhibits the worst traits of these sort of stories in the comics, which can be damningly inert, nihilistic, and overcrowded on their own, before even being adapted for the screen.

Despite Apocalypse’s backstory and grandstanding, he spends more time imbuing his Four Horseman with power than wielding his own.

The rest of Apocalypse’s team are the smug yet forgettable Angel (Ben Hardy), Psylocke (Olivia Munn) and a young Storm (Alexandra Shipp).