I’m like a walleye and bass guy, so I’d probably put a big walleye on there or something. I’m assuming that they get a little excited about it. It would be pretty cool if I could design my own helmet.

TREVOR VAN RIEMSDYK, DEFENSEMANIf you guys wore masks, like the goalies, what would you put on yours?

Intimidating goalie masks video

That would be great, but everybody has to do it if I’m going to do it.

Although a goalie is part of a team, it is also very much an individual position.

When it comes to cool goalie masks, this Stanley Cup Final is stocked with them, from Corey Crawford’s black-on-black number for home games to Lightning goalie Ben Bishop’s glow-in-the-dark metallic blue design. I’d definitely have, maybe, a little New Hampshire or New Jersey on there, something from my roots there.

Even Hawks backup Scott Darling has a cool mask, with a red metallic hue as the base and familiar scenes from his hometown of Chicago interspersed into it. And they've answered my intermission questions throughout the playoffs--no matter how silly they are. Maybe a little Dutch, Holland flag too.”How about a "T.

But even if there isn’t a deeper meaning, the mask is always different and cool, like the Finding Nemo mask I just did.

The obvious choice would have been to do the shark Bruce, (Fish are friends, not food) with a big open mouth, but instead, being a goalie he went for the less obvious, but so much more creepy Angler fish, with the big teeth. The latest one will be for a youth hockey player who was born in Vietnam.

That one will have the Thai (Hindu) monkey God Hanuman on the front.

I’m very excited about that, because I’m very familiar with that kind of image, having Indonesian ancestry from my mother’s side and having seen similar masks and Wayang puppets in Indonesian restaurants in Holland as I grew up.

No matter how much the game is a team effort, as a goalie you still feel very much that it’s you against the opposition team. You measure yourself against their strongest forward.