All he did in that game was rack up 378 yards passing and 5 TDs. There was a worry after the first game that the loss of Julian Edelman was going to be a huge blow to the offense, but those concerns have been put to bed.The combination of Rob Gronkowski, Brandin Cooks, and Chris Hogan is doing just fine.

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RB Todd Gurley has been outspoken about how happy he is to be involved in the passing game and how it’s much nicer to get a defender in a one on one rather than running up the middle constantly.

WR Sammy Watkins finally broke out in Week 3, and the combo of Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods make for decent complimentary receivers.

The Rams have something good cooking, in real life and in fantasy.

Coming into the season, many sharp fantasy minds gave the advice of waiting on QB and selecting a player like Philip Rivers.

If we were holding fantasy drafts for Week 4 on, I’d bet he’d be the first or second player off the board in every single draft.

While I will say these results almost certainly can’t continue at this pace, I’ve been very wrong about Hunt all off-season. — JJ Zachariason (@Late Round QB) September 26, 2017 It may actually be possible to start both WR every week and not have to worry as much about targets like you have in the past.

There are only so many players to catch the ball in New England, and Brady is making the most of them right now.

He’s exactly what Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson are: excellent backs who shoulder almost all of the rushes and is still heavily involved in the passing game.

Since the Chiefs really only have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce as their main weapons, there’s no reason to think this doesn’t continue.

Second, through three games, the signing of Terrelle Pryor has been a total bust. However, watching the game Sunday night wasn’t promising.