The company that sells that product and many other zany contraptions, Baron Bob, sent me a free review sample of a product in a similar vein called the i Plunge, billed as a handy stand for your video emergencies. It is a piece of wood attached to a red suction cup that stands about two inches high: You attach the i Plunge to your i Phone just by pressing the cup part of the plunger on the back of your i Phone.The directions say that it works better if you moisten the cup, but I didn't find that necessary.

Iphone pornochat-6

Video conferencing from home to home is free over your Internet connection, provides a much richer experience than a phone conversation and is by default a hands-free event.

Nevertheless, most people don’t have a computer in their living room, dining room or other places you typically answer the phone.

Hopefully what this means is that in a few years, most smart phone manufacturers will be able to jump on the Face Time bandwagon and easily add cross-phone compatible video conferencing to their devices. Currently only new i Phone and i Pod Touch owners can make Face Time calls, leaving several i OS fans without a buddy to chat with.

With Face Time on other handsets the number of users will increase exponentially so that almost everyone will know at least a few people that have Face Time compatible devices.

Most people don’t want to stay “signed on” to Skype or i Chat 24/7. Have we reached a communication plateau with cell phones, Facebook and email that won’t easily be changed in the next decade?

Most people don’t even know when, if ever, it’s appropriate to ask someone to join them in a video chat. With the advent of Face Time, Apple has renewed the vision of every day video-driven communications.

Earlier this year, I noted an i Phone case called the i Bottle opener which, as you might guess, is an i Phone case that has a built-in bottle opener.

I'm not sure how practical that product is, but it is certainly humorous.

Suddenly grandparents, young children and everyone in between started to show interest in this crazy video calling technology.

Apple’s i Chat video chats followed and between the two the future of communication seemed closely within our grasp.

Despite the exciting outlook for the future of face to face communication, there are plenty of roadblocks to this video calling future, the first of which is the final step towards ubiquity (I promise that’s the last time I’ll use that word).