But I do think there’s something about this record.

But it’s hard too, it took me so long to finish it.“When it was done I didn’t know if it was good or not, I mean I know I felt like I’d accomplished something but I didn’t know, I couldn’t even tell, I had to play it for people and be like ‘is it good or not, I can’t even tell’.

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Besides possessing one of the strongest melodies Oberst has ever penned (and there are plenty here), “Time Forgot” is a welcome reintroduction to the guy who never had trouble getting his point across.

Here, he longs to grow a beard, to be left alone, to let the wind scatter thoughts, to just cuts like “I Don’t Want to Die (In the Hospital)”, death was impending because he was Conor Oberst, the wildly talented and self-destructive rock singer.

During “Time Forgot”, he muses, “They say everyone has a choice to make/ To be loved or to be free”, but, really, who that?

He’s got a lot of big ideas about love throughout*—*“True love hides like city stars”, “Love was the message..stop”, “Freedom is the opposite of love”, “Our love is a protective poison”, “There is no dignity in love.” It's easy to think of him like Don Draper, hacking out emotionally manipulative and impeccably worded pitches on a Coronet until something sticks.

Here, he’s not chasing death, but death will catch up with him because he’s Conor Oberst, human being.

The most resonant moments of during the otherwise chintzy, rhinestone cowboy pop of “Hundreds of Ways”, “I hope I am forgotten when I die” is the most poisonously enunciated line on the LP.

AT CMJ’s Press And Artist conclave, the exceptionally sweet Maria carries her position as an indie star of the first order without an ounce of ego as she sips on a glass of a white wine to tide her through to that evening’s set at Sullivan Hall.

“The last song on the record “Lullaby for you” I wrote just singing, rocking my son to sleep and you know I didn’t even notice, I just sing to him all the time and I didn’t realize I was singing the same thing every night and then I though wait a minute I’m writing a song.

It is not that she lights up when we discuss her son, it is that she seems lit from within; there is a real pleasure in talking to her, and indeed listening to the music of someone who is happy and can share her feelings.