It looked like that fan approached him during the middle of filming.

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The BI doesn't specifically mention films, so television shows would be included in the group too. You don't have a command of the English language, R192) ? Oh and while you're at it, try grasping why Kevin Smith doesn't seem to leave the house without a Batman logo t-shirt. and that's the image that you want to see.[quote ] If you think Blanket Ship is his lover you are really blind. Unless you have a comprehensive history of every man he's partnered with, then you don't know what he's into. Stupid spacebar.[quote] If you think Blanket Ship is his lover you are really blind. Unless you have a comprehensive history of every man he's partnered with, then you don't know what he's into.

Henry's ventures are among the least popular (aka favorite) of all superhero properties, so it's certainly NOT him. So that poster in the last thread was right after all! I know Henry is gay as the day is long, but I think there is more to this Ben dude. Evidently, you have low reading comprehension skills, because I clearly said I don't know what Ben's function is in Henry's life. Yet another bi suggesting Henry is a womanizing sleaze bucket on set.

Alongside the post, Michaels shared images of what she said was the and fitness guru also provided tips for protecting oneself when attempting to rent properties or vehicles.

In the comments of her post, Michaels elaborated on “the issue we had with Airbnb,” explaining, “the place was’t real so they pulled a bait and switch last minute.”Airbnb did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Then I was asked to name the last time I had seen Henry cry.

I was like, 'Bitch, you saw the Justice League trailer, when do you think?

He set an unfortunate precedent that's going to bite him in his ample ass. His fans don't come to his defense when the critics and nerd bloggers talk shit on his portrayal of Superman. Apparently Hoechlin was having an affair with the then married supergirl. His outfit was but not his butt.[Quote] She hoechlin didn't hookup it was jusr some thirsty fan girls who wanted them to hookup, she did have an affair with someone else though. Most likely at the end, like a huuuuge reveal, but maybe sooner and then he redeems himself or something. Add all those countless "fit birds" and how hot actresses give him a boner quotes and the guy is just one the biggest turn offs in Hollywood right now.

But at the same time, people need to grow the fuck up and stop with the entitlements. Where was Henry's fans and their clap back when Tyler Hoechlin got mad praise for that lame shit he did on the CW? yeah that's the one, where she had professional photographer take pictures of her fucking (Check out the fappening) someone. He is right up there with Casey Affleck, Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix and Johnny Depp as Hollywood's major league creepazoids.#3 – Our favorite superhero actor who will sleep with any woman walking and is not named Ben Affleck apparently made one of his actor co-stars ticked off at him by trying to sleep with the significant other of the actor.

Next thing I know they kicked us out and the following morning Henry's trailer was moved ten blocks from the set."Reached from his compound at Durrell Park in Jersey, the Teegeeacknean Thetan expressed disappointment over the continued villainization of his species by the Church of Scientology.

[italic]"All of them bitches,"[/italic] he said, in a floating mist of ink that he released from his anus which spelled out his thoughts.

Outside of that, they surround themselves with bodyguards to make sure that no one gets within ten feet of them. He's the one on the right.[quote] so basically the quote you quoted. Hell, Henry's the least popular actor in the franchise. Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth - both Sexiest Men Alive.