You are an Explorer, Builder, Negotiator, or Director.

Your results come into play when you are able to see just how much of a friend or enemy you can be with each individual user you’re interested in.

Back in the 80’s, Lava Life was a real brick and mortar (actually it was in a basement) establishment.

Marriages and families broke apart, leaving distraught children and pissed off wives at home.

For some, however, it was an awakening to a better relationship.

It connected singles via telephone for party line chats and sexy talk.

In 1997 it made the move to the land of online businesses and never looked back.It shows you six possibly interesting date choices each day in an email.This site operates on the uber-cute premise of being introduced by a friend. They say that their approach is an attempt to dispel the cringe factor of having to beef up those online profiles and think of ways to be witty, clever and attractive.There is a huge array of communication options here as well.The instant messaging service includes video, sound and private photo sharing.The Ashley Madison hack was one of the most significant events of 2015.