Lewis describes herself as having “highs and lows” brought on by circumstance, not a clinical illness.

“It was all getting me down and the guy I was writing with suggested I put down my emotions, not in an artistic way, more like a diary.

I was astonished at the huge reaction the letter generated.” Today, Lewis, who turned 30 in April, has a new single (Fire Under My Feet) and album (I Am) on a new label (Island Records) to promote.

She radiates positivity and is in, dare I say it, a revisionist mood.

It’s not that she has recovered from her depression, but more a case that she now denies she was ever depressed – at least technically – in the first place.

• Leona Lewis' biggest moments: from X factor auditionee to superstar - in pictures “I did not suffer from depression,” she says firmly.

“I wouldn’t dream of belittling those who suffer from what is a terrible condition.He once hailed her as the woman who saved The X Factor but Simon Cowell has unceremoniously dumped one-time star protégé Leona Lewis.The Bleeding Love warbler was added to Cowell’s growing scrap heap of manufactured pop acts after her music sales continued to flop in the charts.‘When we created X Factor, it was more than a television show.The idea behind it was to discover real stars,’ said the 54-year-old TV judge.But by her fourth album the stratospheric sales had faltered.